Do you want to know how to kick your

Yacht Racing Performance




Think about the last race you sailed, that you think you could have done better in. What was it that went wrong? Was it your tactics, speed, what happened? How was it that your nemesis got past you?

Chances are ... like most sailors - you were too busy sailing your own boat to notice everything that was going on around you. I mean, there's only so much you can do at any one time right?

The reality is that most of the time when sailors reach the shore/dock - they don't really have a clue what they did wrong, or how the other boats passed them - so they make up their own reason!

But here's the rub ... the human mind is very good at tricking us and the human memory is WEAK!

Imagine how fast you'd improve if you could:

  • Never forget a race you sailed ever
  • Review every tactical decision, replay it 100 times if you like until you figure out what you did wrong
  • Share your race with your Coach, Mentor, or just show off to friends and family all your GOOD races - where you kicked butt!
  • Make your own notes after the race and record vital rig settings and things that need work
  • Compare yourself with other boats and see what your competitors were really up to!!

The reality is that if we can't remember our mistakes, or we can't figure out what we did wrong - then we can't improve! This is as true of sailing as it is of everything in life!!

However there IS a SIMPLE Solution

that will have you RAPIDLY improving

in NO TIME at all!

When you buy a GPS from us you will receive FREE a RaceMotion subscription normally valued at NZD $200 ABSOLUTELY FREE! Then you will be able to:

  • Record all your races using the GPS
  • See how far and more importantly how FAST you were going
  • Use it for training to figure out distance covered to get that 'feel good' feeling
  • Record all your thoughts and notes online, and choose what to show to others and what to keep secret
  • Show all your friends and family your racing
  • Discuss your race with you coach by SHOWING your coach what really happened even if the coach wasn't there to see it!

Only NZD $349.95 Incl GST and Shipping!

About the GT-31 GPS Receiver

With your subscription to our website you will also get the GT-31 GPS Reciever. The GT-31 is by far the best value for money GPS data logger / handheld navigator available on the market. It is endorsed by many GPS outdoor sports websites and is the defacto GPS for windsurfing and kitesurfing GPS speed contests. If you want the technical details you can click here but if you are more interested in the 100,000 foot view - it is suffice to say that this GPS device has more memory capacity than anything else on the market which allows you to record a full day's racing at 1sec intervals. There is no other GPS device out there that currently matches this kind of storage capacity.

What you get with your subscription:

Once you've purchased a GPS from us you will get access to our online race storage and 3D replay system. You will be sent a login and password to your email with the details of your account so you'll be able to start storing your races (or hooning sessions!) online immediately. This is what you can do with our 3D software:

  • Follow any boat in the race just by clicking on that boat
  • Change the 3D camera view from "eye in the sky" to "on the boat" to "sitting on the buoy" with a single click of the mouse
  • Turn on/off laylines
  • Turn on/off the line of advantage so you can see when boats on opposite tacks are gaining/losing relative to each other
  • Pause, rewind, fast forward, jump to any point in the race, speed up and slow down the race
  • Keep your thoughts and notes about each race stored for reference later on
  • View a Google Map of the race track area
  • Make comments on other people's races!


Only NZD $349.95 Incl GST and Shipping!


P.S: Shipping within New Zealand is within 3-5 working days and shipping Internationally within 7-14 working days of order placement.

P.P.S We will always answer any email within 12 hours of it being sent, guaranteed. We are sports junkies ourselves and passionate about what we do and we really want people to enjoy their GPS units and get as much out of them as possible. We believe we deliver value for our customers in the form of lifetime support and really cool and funky software. And hey, if you have an idea of something you'd like to see in our product, our ears are wide open! Try us today or contact us here!